© Keith Szafranski


Before starting a three week long safari in Tanzania and Kenya I wanted to try my luck at getting some photographs of some wildlife in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. I booked a three day excursion out of Nairobi to visit Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Fortunately, I was the only person to sign up for my particular departure date so I had a vehicle and driver all to myself. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the park "the mountain" was completely clouded over. It remained that way for most of my visit. Then, during a pre-dawn breakfast on the last day of the trip, our camp chef motioned my driver and I to a small clearing in the woods where we were camped. I couldn't believe my eyes! Kilimanjaro was peeking out from behind its cover of clouds just as the breaking sunlight hit the peak. I said my goodbyes to the camp staff and told my driver to find some wildlife. It was not long before we found a small group of elephants near the road. I photographed them as long as I could keep Kilimanjaro in the background and then we were off to find some more subjects. We kept this up for just over an hour and then, unfortunately, it was time to head back to town to catch the twice-a-day shuttle to Arusha to meet up with the main safari.


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